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Driver's manual] interactive topic of award: advantages and disadvantages of automotive products

Shopping Carnival has just come to an end. Didn't your car friends buy some car supplies to protect or decorate their car?

Some of these things are practical, some are good-looking, but they really meet special circumstances, and some things are even more dangerous. The pads may block the brakes, the perfume bottles are exposed to direct sunlight, and so on.

As an old driver, what kind of practical, good-looking, useless or even dangerous automotive products have you bought?

Share your "lessons" to see other riders' experience and travel safely. There's also a car.

[driver's manual] Introduction:

Every Monday, Tuesday's updated interactive topic column, share your vehicle skills.

Vehicle users may not have a thorough understanding of the various functions of the car. Old drivers often acquire some skills of using the car through years of experience.

Zebra Jun launches a weekly award-winning interactive topic column. Car users can express their opinions in the comments section, contribute your car experience and skills, and write your own "driver's manual".

[reward rules]:

In line with the original comments on the theme, 30 "Handbook contribution awards" were awarded, and 10 were awarded.

Choose 1-10 excellent reviews which combine their own experience and closely adhere to the theme and content, and award 50 change coins as excellent reviews.

Car friends can also ask questions about this issue in the commentary area, answer their questions, and select 1-10 "enthusiastic interaction awards" for 10 car coins.

Won the praise of 10, and the top 10 prize winning comments, additional incentives 30 easy car currency.



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