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Automotive supplies business busy

The annual "double 11" grand event is about to begin. The competition for sales in all walks of life has begun, and automotive products manufacturers are no exception. Recently, the reporter interviewed Tiantai Huitong Automobile Supplies Co., Ltd. to learn that as early as a month ago, the whole company has begun to prepare for the "double 11", hoping to use this consumer node to boost the annual shipment.

The atmosphere of "Shuang11" shopping carnival is getting stronger and stronger year by year. Manufacturers pay more attention to this day. It has evolved from "Shuang11" as a central node into a super promotion season spanning October, November and December, and the stock-up work has been carried out ahead of schedule.

Zhao Zuwei, head of Tiantai Huitong Automobile Supplies Co., Ltd., said: "Since last month, we have started to stock up. Employees work overtime to produce automobile supplies, mainly GM cushions with more than 10,000 sets." In order to ensure the stable operation of Shuang11, the company cooperates with the material suppliers to prepare raw materials and ensure adequate supply in the future.

In addition to offline deployment, Huitong Automotive Products Co., Ltd. will also take part in Tianmao Shuang11 online activities simultaneously. Zhao Zuwei told reporters that last year, Shuang11 achieved good results with turnover of nearly 2 million yuan. For this year's market, he conservatively believes that it may not exceed last year. Nevertheless, in the "double 11" period, the company is still actively preparing for the "double 11".


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