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The Americas auto parts oil tyre wholesale distribution is the three development stage

After several years of highly developed domestic brand auto parts market, the strength of domestic brand auto industry has been gradually enhanced. With the support of cost and supply chain flexibility, the market share has been rising, which has become the mainstream of the market. With the further upgrading of consumption, it is predicted that consumers will pay more attention to brand and service in 2018. Neither the traditional car repair shop nor the new Internet O2 O model in the past two years has essentially failed to enable customers to enjoy service while repairing their cars as they consume elsewhere. In today's post-market, all data of car owners include maintenance, maintenance, consumption frequency, vehicle status and other related information. For car owners, they prefer to hand these private key data to service brands with technology, systematization and specialization. In the future, the management of automobile service stores will change from solo to group development. With the help of information platform and perfect offline service, they will gradually move towards the road of brand, specialization and chain.

On the one hand, the output value of automobile aftermarket is influenced by the ownership of automobile, on the other hand, there is also a process of consumer perception. According to the development experience of relevant industries and foreign automotive products industry, generally speaking, a country's automotive products industry has to go through three stages of development: the initial stage, the growth stage and the mature stage.

Initial stage: Due to the low living standard of consumers, the recognition of the automotive aftermarket industry is insufficient. Although the profit margin is high, the gross output value is relatively low.

Growth Stage: Consumers'disposable income has increased substantially, and they have begun to notice their enjoyment, safety and health. Automotive products have attracted more and more attention, and their gross output value has further increased.

Mature stage: the profit of automobile aftermarket is far higher than that of automobile sales, and the total output value reaches its peak.

China's automotive aftermarket has moved from the initial stage to the growth stage, in this process, consumer demand is gradually generated and clear. The head of the American Horse Operating Center believes that the final destination of the upgrading and transformation of the automotive aftermarket industry is the innovative operation mode of the whole automotive aftermarket. Whether it is to be an e-commerce platform or a service platform, or to be a vertical service after the automobile market enterprises, they need to develop in the direction of individualization, standardization and intensive service. And in the aspect of informationization, we also pay more attention to the impact and application of important data. Whoever provides comprehensive and effective services, and who gives accurate and detailed data, will have greater competitiveness, and will be able to seize greater business opportunities in the automotive aftermarket.


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